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Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, town gas is produced at two production plants in Tai Po and Ma Tau Kok. The Tai Po Plant is able to supply a maximum of 9.6 million standard cubic metres of gas per day, contributing to over 95% of the territory´s town gas production.

Over the years, we have continued to expand our gas supply network, ensuring that our capacities keep up with growing needs. Today, the supply network consists of over 3,200 kilometres of gas pipelines serving nearly 1.65 million customers in the territory, an increase of 1.47% over 2006. With an installed capacity equal to 511 thousand m3 per hour, over 27,000 million MJ of town gas were sold during the year.

Towngas has developed its own in-house brands – TGC, SIMPA and Bauhinia, tailored specifically for the mainland market.
Number of Customers as at 31st December1,646,4921,622,648
Town Gas Sales, million MJ27,04127,034
Installed Capacity, thousand m3 per hour511511
Maximum Daily Demand, thousand m35,8066,279
Length of Town Gas Network, km3,2743,236

Town Gas - Chemical Composition

Mainland China

Our businesses in mainland China scaled new peaks in 2007. This was primarily due to the acquisition of Panva Gas, a Hong Kong listed company, which not only brought in 25 more piped gas ventures into the Group, it also extended our geographical reach on the mainland. The Company was renamed, becoming Towngas China Company Limited in May 2007.

By the end of 2007, we managed a total of 77 projects across 16 provinces and municipalities.

Towngas is a leading piped city-gas operator in mainland China. At the end of 2007, total turnover for both our mainland businesses and joint ventures increased 119% to HK$15.2 billion.
Piped city-gas businesses are the main thrust of our activities on the mainland. With less than 5,000 household customers when we first began operations in 1994, we now serve over 8 million customers through 65 projects in 12 provinces and 2 municipalities. In 2007, our sales volumes reached 4.6 billion cubic metres, an increase of 2.5 billion cubic metres over 2006, whilst combined turnover rose 119% to HK$15.2 billion.